Hot Topics at Nextv CEO Africa 2020

Whether you are involved in producing, distributing, financing or buying TV, video or music content, Nextv CEO Africa will put you face-to-face with the people, content, and ideas to give your business a fresh year of opportunity to initiate partnership and close deals in an intimate and relaxing environment.

  • What type of content should producers provide?
  • What are advertisers looking for?
  • What does the research tell us about what the audiences need?
  • What does the FTA broadcasters need in terms of ideas and approach?
  • Opportunity to add TV and video content
  • What format? Short? Long?
  • Business model: Freemium, Subscription base, Pay per view?
  • What are the innovative payment models mobile operators can bring to OTT and Pay TV?
  • Pay per view and monthly subscription models
  • How mobile money platform can help operators to increase their subscribers through advertising?
  • How can the TV still be relevant in a tablet and smartphone age?
  • Diversification of TV: introduction of multi-platform to attract young audience
  • The breakthrough of wearable screens: impact on traditional TV
  • Adapting international content to Africa
  • Threat from homegrown content
  • Collaboration and partnership with locals
  • What are the sports content consumption dynamics?
  • How are content owners building value in their brand?
  • Can local leagues build on international sporting events?
  • Engaging fans on social platforms
  • Challenges and opportunities faced by public FTA: what next?
  • Classification of content and its relevance
  • How e-content platform will generate revenues and transform public broadcasting?
  • The African music sector: current trends and potential
  • The emergence of local streaming services versus international platforms
  • How to tackle high piracy and poor enforcement of copyright
  • Local content on the rise: how international channel are adapting?
  • Short format content and multi-screen distribution
  • The arrival of YouTube kids
  • Producing African content according to international standards
  • Exporting African content in the digital age
  • Viable OTT services for the African diaspora
  • State of TV and OTT market in Africa
  • What impacts will the evolution of TV and OTT have on advertising in Africa?
  • Opportunities for brands: Interactive videos, Sponsoring content and original content

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