Chiano Sky


Artist/Singer | SJN Agency

The dream is just beginning for 21 year old ChianoSky , her hunger to be South Africa’s most revered vocalist has proven to be a driving force that has propelled her to release one of South Africa’s most sought-after albums ‘Hungry’. A mix of seductive jazzy pop has seen her racing up the airplay charts in South Africa, showcasing her as one of South Africa’s most exciting, fresh and talented new discoveries. She has released 6 singles off Debut Album 'HUNGRY' to radio ! Sick Sick , Walking Away, Home Sweet Home , Act Like A man & Uncrumple my heart .All have done extremely well & have smashed charts on all radio stations across South Africa -Most recent single being 'Live Out Loud' Remix by MODYOU. In 2015 she released her EP ‘Inferno’ which was disco inspired and full of sass taking you back to the days of Donna Summer and Diana Ross releasing her single ‘ Dancing With Vam ‘ which also made impact on the South African Music Scene showing a new unexpected side to the songstress. 2016 She welcomes the year with a record deal signing with Sony BMG Worldwide and is currently polishing up her latest single which is set to release in October 2016.