Jane Kasumba


Head of TV | UBC

Jane Kasumba is currently the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Head of Television at the national broadcaster of Uganda. She has held this position for the past 2 years; however, I’ve been at UBC for 11 years in different capacities. By profession, Jane Kasumba is an Advocate; a Political Scientist, a PR Communications expert, a TV Broadcast Production Specialist and a Talkshow Host. She is currently the Deputy Secretary General of The Africa Link Union (with CGTN) which helps share Africa’s stories to the world. Moreover, Jane Kasumba is a former Professional Woman Empowered Goodwill Ambassador; a Girl Decide Ambassador and a Reach A Hand Goodwill Ambassador in my country. I am the proud recipient of a FICTS Award and Mentions, CFI/AUB/FIFA Commendations, Nominations for 2 Female Face of TV Awards 2013 and 2014 and the recipient of the Radio and Television Outstanding Contribution to Sports Award 2014 from the Radio and TV Academy of Uganda.