Jojo Chartei Quansah


Data & VAS Manager | Vodafone Ghana

Jojo is currently the Data & VAS Manager at Vodafone Ghana, where he leads an aggressive commercial growth program for this area of the business. He is an experienced telecom leader with an impactful footprint in the Ghanaian Telecom sector. He has built an Impressive track record of delivering consistent year-on-year growth in his field. Over time, he has become an expert in commercialising digital products and services, in an emerging market environment. Over the past 9 years, Jojo has led, managed and grown telecom portfolios in excess of $100 million annually, delivering some amazing double- and triple-digit growth figures in Mobile internet, Mobile Content and Value-Added Services. Jojo’s advisory footprint, have included organisations such as UNICEF and GSMA (with him consulting for the former, in developing its Universal Salt Iodisation communications strategy for Ghana). He is also a Director of SkyTrust ML, a local microfinancing business, where he is bringing his mobile experience to bear on making micro loans more accessible to the poor.