Robyn Smith

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SVP CEO Kwesé Entertainment | Econet Media

Robyn Smith joined the Econet Media team in Johannesburg as the Chief Content Strategist before taking over the role of SVP: CEO Kwesé Entertainment. Smith’s ability to drive and formulate strategic content initiatives in media organisations, and secure key client partnerships fits perfectly within the changing broadcasting environment. She has a deep understanding of different broadcast technologies and platforms encompassing DTH, DTT, Mobile, OTT and Online. Today her focus is on building Kwesé’s pay TV business across Africa and beyond, by maximising key content across broadcasting, technologies and platforms as well as ensuring effective stakeholder management. Smith, a former SABC news journalist and executive producer, holds an MBA from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and has previously held key Content management positions at the SABC, VOA, MultiChoice and FreeVoice. She has also served as Field Officer at the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa, and at Urban Brew Studios as Content and Channel Director.