Simon Aderinlola


GM - Content & Innovation | Airtel Nigeria

Simon Aderinlola is presently the GM – Content and innovation for Airtel Nigeria, responsible for 10% of the Telco’s gross revenues. In the past 17 years, Simon’s career spanned Sales, Internet/VOIP, mobile Value-added-services & mobile payments. Simon has set up businesses in Nigeria that ranged from selling on behalf of Bridgestone, Dunlop & Goodyear through to bringing multinational companies such as Phoneserve(UK) into Nigeria for VOIP telephony. Simon has also provided on-the-ground support to companies such as Chocosen, Cadbury-Schweppes, Worldspace and Procter & Gamble. He has also worked in Ghana and Benin.In 2010, 3WC found an opportunity to provide support to mobile money providers newly licensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Mobile Money Framework. This included technical services and business support to various operators. In 2012, he moved on from being Group CEO (Nigeria-Ghana-Benin) of 3WC to be the Co-Founder & National Coordinating Consultant of the industry group for all mVAS providers in Nigeria (WASPA-Nigeria Gte). He co-founded Rervbox (Nigeria; UK) in January 2013, consulted for 2 VAS firms and a MobileMoney/Agency-Banking concern. The same year, he and a few friends built and scaled BeyondBranches, an agency banking concern bought by the Interswitch Group in 2015.