Thomas Mandlmeier


Senior Editor , Sports and Environmental Journalist & Eco Africa Team Leader | Deutsche Welle

Thomas Mandlmeier is Senior Editor of the environmental program Eco Africa, a pan-African and European weekly TV magazine launched in 2016. It is produced in co-operation with African media partners. Liaising and communicating with co-producers and reporters in Africa is an integral part of Mr. Mandlmeier's job. This ensures the program content has a credible regional focus, but also enough background information to ensure the reports are comprehensible to a wider audience. At the heart of the program are innovative ideas and best practice solutions that can be applied universally. As team leader, Mr Mandlmeier, who has spent a lot of time in East Africa, is also responsible for working jointly with his DW department and partners to develop ‘digital first’ formats that create mutually relevant environmental content for OTT platforms. Providing content relevant to both the African and global markets, attracting new viewers and satisfying the demands of loyal viewers is challenging. In this way, Eco Africa is in line with Deutsche Welle's policy of supporting close and equal collaboration with production partners in target regions.