Ugo Tuvi James Igwegbe


Creative Director | Changing Lives Media Productions

Ugo is a popular Nollywood actor, producer, director, musician & motivational speaker. He was selected in 2009 for the popular T.V show on D.S.T.V Big Brother Africa. Ugo Tuvi James was born in Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree of computer science. He also studied broadcasting at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria. He is now based in South Africa. His company is called Changing Lives Media Productions, that deals with is a company dealing with Film, Television, Innovation, Production, Content and Related Activities pertaining to Africa’s societies at large. Ugo Tuvi James Igwegbe not only runs his own company but works in collaboration with Shakarny Innovations, a TV Innovative Productions and Content Distributions company, in the capacity of PR Manager. His vision is to start with a television series and movies incorporating South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria and other related African counterparts. In addition, he plans to use this platform to showcase the beauty and prospects that Africa holds, especially from the South African perspective.